Friday, June 10, 2005

my flight to boston

I had some type of lame experience on my flight, so when I arrived to find an email from JetBlue titled "JetBlue Customer Satisfaction Survey", I was compelled to write the following letter:


Thanks for the email requesting comments. I just flew to Boston two days ago from the Oakland airport. My flight was as follows:

Date Flt Depart Arrive Stops
07 Jun 05 472 Oakland, CA 10:05am Boston, MA 6:45pm 0

While my interactions and the process of flight boarding was fine, I did thoroughly have the worst flight I have ever had. Forgive me if you feel my complaint is unworthy of attention, as it is not my intention to be overly frank and therefore inappropriate but it is rather something I feel that your management should develop some type of policy towards.

I was seated next to an obese man, who should have been given two seats by any perceptive individual. The gentleman was so large that the arm rest between us had to be up. This allowed him to extended into my seating area; over 1/3 of my given space. I was unable to watch television the entire 5+ hour flight as his body enveloped the controls that were on the arm rest somewhere behind him. Further, I was unable to put my drink table down as his leg was in the way. As a result, I had to put my legs in the aisle to be remotely comfortable, was unable to work on my computer and in general was severely comfortless the entire flight. When my neighboring peer thoroughly ruins my flight experience, and I'm expected to be socially polite about it, the issue needs to be addressed. While obesity is generally accepted in any given social situation, I feel that the line must be drawn when size is so crucial in the example of an airplane where each person pays for the real estate they take up; 1 seat.

I feel that JetBlue is an excellent airline and I support your cause. It would be great to know this email was received. This is not a joke at all.

Kindest regards,


Shortly after submitting my comment, I had a new email: "Thank You for Speaking Up!". I'm sure my letter will never be read, but I enjoyed stealing an hour of sleep to write it in my hotel room late at night.


Blogger Jozef Imrich, Esq. said...

Consider yourself lucky as another woman was injured while squeezed next to an obese passenger on a trans-Atlantic flight

5:31 AM  
Blogger b-may said...


10:37 PM  
Blogger josh said...

I flew to boston on United recently. My seat neighbor was a drunk yoga instructor. Your situation was a little worse. But only a little.

12:58 AM  

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