Tuesday, July 12, 2005

scenes from the taxi driver's seat

When entering a taxi alone, my usual drill is to enjoy the silent void that occurs, opting to enjoy the scenery and sounds of the city as they go whizzing by. I revel in the idea that for a brief moment, there is nothing to do, or therefore worry about. I changed my stance for one ride, just the other day as I hopped into a taxi and noticed a Nikon D70 around the driver's neck. I asked about it since I have one. We talked about our old Canon A-1 cameras and how wonderful they were, and had a lovely conversation about photography. When we arrived at the destination, he introduced himself as Phil and handed me a flyer with a URL where I could view his pictures titled "Scenes from the Taxi Driver's Seat"

I went to his site today and found that his name is Philip Liborio Gangi. He has photos that extend beyond the driver's seat; of which are excellent.


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