Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Alumni Directory

Today I received my Archbishop Mitty High School Alumni Directory for 2006. I felt a little devilish as I opened and unwrapped it; ta-da. There it sat before me, shiny, undefiled, pretty, and waiting, just waiting to be utilized. Sitting before me were the listings of people who are anticipating my phone call, letter, or post card.

I looked up my old high school sweetheart (boring), then myself. In an instant, I realized that there was no one I cared to look up. I've maintained contact with the friends I had while there, and the ones I care to forget, well, I don't really care what they are doing.

I wasted fifty bucks.


Blogger Rolando said...

I went to my reunion a couple of months ago. It was fun. Just glad I didn't see any of my ex's lol.

2:32 PM  
Blogger LaShon James-Major said...

That's hilarious because I feel the exact same way. I talk to those I care about and the rest I don't care about. I saw them at my 10 year reunion and that was enough for me.

1:02 AM  
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